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The World Organization for Fitness and Wellness is an international training course provider for everyone who would like to become successful Pilates, Yoga, fitness and wellness professionals.


Whether you are interested in: Pilates, Yoga, Fitness, Exercise, Holistic Therapies or any other modality. We are the professional training provider institution that represents and supports you. 


Based in the UK we are not just a European fitness society, we are a global alliance of like-minded professionals who wish to be an inspiration and promote healthy physical and emotional wellbeing.


If you would like to inspire others and bring happiness and balance to your life; do a job that you love, that gives you real job satisfaction and has high earning potential then make a positive change today.


You could start a business, work for yourself, teach local classes nearby to you. You could help others with muscle tone, cardio, weight loss, toning, improving their health.


Maybe you want to feel in control of your financial freedom so you have a goal to start your own business and be your own boss. Elevate your lifestyle; transform your life with a new career and a new you.  Maybe you would like a second income, an additional income is always helpful!


The World Organization for Fitness and Wellness has the core recipe for success. We support you to graduate with a certified teaching diploma qualification.


We provide the opportunity for you to register a mindful lifestyle and find your happy fit with the World Organization for Fitness and Wellness.

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