Our friendly FREE Mat Pilates classes will show you exactly how you can:

  • Become toned, improve your posture, help eliminate back pain and become more flexible WITHOUT having to spend hours in the gym

  • Learn Pilates, a valuable skill which is in high demand right now (and that demand continues to grow), EVEN IF you have never done Pilates before

  • Improve your confidence and wellness engaging in the mindfulness of Pilates 

Hello, my name's Penny, I'm a Pilates teacher at the World Organization for Fitness and Wellness.  If you would like to experience the many benefits of Pilates for yourself, I would love for you to join in our friendly FREE Pilates classes.  They will teach you valuable Pilates skills and how mindful exercise can be fun. EVEN IF you have no prior experience.

Pilates has always been enjoyable and beneficial for me so I know it could work for you as well.

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Hey, we're pleased you are going to join us for our friendly Pilates classes, we look forward to meeting you.  Every week, on the day the class takes place, we will email you the link for that Zoom class, so just fill in this form.............. then enjoy our classes!

I understand that these classes involve physical activity. I confirm that I am medically healthy and to the best of my knowledge I confirm that there are no physical or other health related conditions which will interfere with my participation in the classes.  I also confirm that I am not pregnant and have not given birth within the last 4 months. I also agree to receiving Pilates information for free.

Get your mat ready for some Pilates action.........see you soon!