Enjoy a Pilates or Yoga retreat at home

When we think about a retreat, we often think about calm and peace. We envisage being nestled within idyllic holiday surroundings, free from stress and getting back in tune with ourselves and an association with nature.

Everyday life may not be ideal at present, with covid-19 impacting on our lives, taking its toll on our physical and mental health.

When your wellbeing suffers, you can’t be your best self; you can’t fully contribute. You can not effectively help others without first looking after yourself.

So why not nurture yourself and institute a Pilates or Yoga retreat at home. Incorporate the following into your day:

Make time for daily Pilates or Yoga practice, even if it is for as little as fifteen minutes per day. This mindful exercise will help to recharge the body by improving muscle strength and flexibility; as well as increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage and bone density.

Also, bring into existence a calm period of time each day when you disconnect from your devices, and simply be.

Lastly make a point of enjoying some fresh air every day.Aim to get yourself outside even if you don’t live in a rural area. If you have a garden or even a small yard, enjoy the freedom of being outside.If you live in an apartment on a busy road in a bustling city; take a walk and allow yourself to discover some less occupied side streets.

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