Improve your mental health with nature

We can embrace the beauty of nature all around us both during this mental health awareness week and whenever we want to take time out and feel more relaxed.

Feeling an alliance with nature can be a wonderful therapy. This association can improve our self-esteem and reduce stress. Also, natural light assists to curtail seasonal affective disorder.

Exploring the countryside may be a new experience for some people. Immerse the senses: hear the chirrup of birds, smell the scent of fresh flowers, look at tall woodland trees and feel the breeze against your skin. The fresh air and distractions will elevate your wellbeing.

If you are someone who can’t get out into nature, then bring nature to you!

Our wellbeing can flourish by integrating nature into our daily routines. For example, we can grow some of our own food, connect with animals, use natural materials, grow plants or even sit by a window and gaze at the sky.

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